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How Can I Submit A Warranty Claim?


When submitting a warranty claim we will need your Amazon, TrainingNets or Walmart order number or a copy of your invoice from an authorized reseller as proof of purchase.  Please provide pictures of the defective item, and the PO tag number (if applicable) for our team to review.

A member of our warranty team will determine if the claim is due to a manufacturing defect. Once your claim has been authorized, we will determine if a payment for shipping is required, and process the warranty claim for shipping.

If submitting your request within normal business hours in most cases you will receive a response within 1-2 hours. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for our team to complete your case.  

To submit a request please visit https://powernet.supportsync.com

  1. First and Last name.
  2. Shipping Address.
  3. Best contact phone number.
  4. Email address.
  5. Order Number or a copy of your receipt.
  6. PO tag number (Varies per product, found on ALL nets, generally found inside the sleeve of the net. Please view the diagrams below.) Enter N/A for weighted/training balls.
  7. Please provide photos as described below:
    1. Missing Item - Provide a photo of the package you received, the label and the contents included in the package.
    2. Broken or defective part - Provide a photo of the part taken up close and also a photo taken at a distance.
    3. Broken or defective fiberglass poles - Provide a photo of all your fiberglass poles, side by side in a single photo with both ends of the poles clearly visible.
    4. Defective Netting - Provide a photo of the netting taken up close showing the defect and also a photo of the entire net taken at a distance.
    5. Carry bag is too small.  Provide a photo of the bag, side by side with the frame/poles demonstrating that the carry bag is too small.

When attaching a photo please ensure that there is a brief comment in the description field. First enter the comment in the description field, add the file and click submit.

Please provide all the requested information to prevent any delays in processing your warranty claim.

3/22/2021 9:06 AM
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